Palestinian Statehood

palestine.jpgLewes Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate has written to Ed Miliband and Douglas Alexander (shadow Foreign Secretary) congratulating them on the Labour Party position on Palestinian Statehood and urging them to ensure that as many Labour MPs vote for Monday 13th October motion as possible. 

Labour announced on its website that it will continue to support (as it has in 2011 and 2012 when it called for the UK to recognise Palestine as a state in the UN) the recognition of a Palestinian state. The backbench motion which is advisory is set to get the support of the majority of Labour MPs and the leadership has called for all Labour MPs to vote for the motion. 

Lloyd Russell-Moyle in writing to Ed Miliband and Douglas Alexander (Shadow Foreign Secretary) said: “I just wanted to write to congratulate you on our stance on Palestine and the recognition of statehood. I was out on a stall in my town centre this morning and a number of residents came up to both thank me and the Labour Party on this issue and were concerned that we should ensure that as many of our MPs as possible go through the lobby in favour. “



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Lewes Labour Donate to the Save Our Bus Campain

Lewes Labour party at it Branch Meeting voted to donate £60 to the Lewes Stop the Cuts campaign and support the ongoing work of the campaign to save our Town and Rural bus services from the Tory County Council Cuts. It agreed that the the cross party effort should be recognised on the website and future leaflets which are produced on this issue. After a successful public meeting held by the Lewes Stop the Cuts campaign where Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate) spoke from the floor he took many of the concerns to the National Labour party conference.

People can join the Lewes Stop the Cuts campaign by joining the mailing lists and other activities of the group which contains people from across the community. 

Residents can see what buses are at risk (including some routs only being run twice a week) at the website:

Lloyd says “many other rural and seminar rural areas are suffering cuts to their bus services caused by deregulation and tory-liberal cuts around the country. There was a strong call for the re-regulation of buses and I raised directly with the Shadow Minister for Transport (Trains) the importance of bus and train service integration to ensure that people can get to work out of rural isolation. She agreed to take the point on board”

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frontpage.pngOn Saturday 27th members of the Seaford and Newhaven Labour party went onto Broad Street of Seaford to campaign for our NHS. The Tories and Liberal Democrats (supported by our MP with every vote in Parliament) have started to sell off our NHS, firstly hiving off the NHS to the private GP surgeries to create unaccountable Clinical Commissioning Groups and now with the requirement that services are tended out to private providers. 

To stop this requirment to sell off our services Labour in parlaimnarbnt with the support of Unions Together (a union campaign group have put down a bill to amend the Health and Social Care Act to prevent the compulsion to tender services out to the private sector and keep our NHS in public hands. 

seaford1.jpgMembers were out collecting signatures to ensure that the voices of people in the constituency are heard by national MPs and our local MP who has consistently voted for the NHS privatisation. The reception was very good with hundreds people taking leaflets and signing the petition. If you have not had a chance to support the bill and prevent the sell off of our NHS then you can do this here:

Labour has also pledged to increase the number of Doctors, care workers, nurses and midwives integrated Social Care, Mental Health Services, Public Health and Primary health into one clear democratic and accountable NHS in each area, this joined up approach will not only save money it will make our NHS stronger for the future. 

Lloyd Russell-Moyle the Labour Parliamentary Candidate said “so many people I speak to our concerned about our NHS, only Labour can be trusted with the public health service and a Labour government will bring the NHS into safer hands”.


The commitment to ensure that people can see a Doctor within 48 hours went down well in the area with last year over 17,000 people waiting more than 2 days to see a doctor (the size of the population of Newhaven) something must be done and Labour has the answers. 


Lewes Branch Labour Party will be hosting an open meeting on Monday the 6th October for anyone that wants to talk about the NHS. The meeting will be held at 7:30pm at North Street Lewes.

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Report from Party Conference

Ed-Miliband-Labour-Party-conference-2014.jpgLabour Party conference may be all over but the hard work has just begun to put Britain back on track. Labour’s Plan for Britain’s Future was the theme of this years conference and whilst many of us are pleased that Scotland decided to stay together it is now incumbent upon us to who that we are better off together.

Much of conference was rightly taken up by two big announcements one was the agreement that we will raise the National Minimum Wage in what’s todays term would be a Living Wage. The commitment is pegged to median earnings (at 58% by 2020 and then 60% by 2025) that will mean that its at least £8 an hour – making work pay. Unlike other parties (both the Greens and the Conservatives) who are offering a figure by 2020 we are linking it to average earnings so that the gap can not grow wider. It will also have the advantage of meaning that pay settlements for medium workers in one sector will be a pay settlement for all – true solidarity!


The other second key theme was our focus on the NHS. We have committed to come out fighting to save our health services. We will immediately abolish the Health and Social Care Act, merge Social Care, Mental Health Services, Public Health and Primary Health services into one NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE in each area, this will remove the incentive to hold up beds for care that can be conducted at home and save billions of pounds a year in joined up services.

nhslobby.jpgOur headlines is that we will employ 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more family doctors, 5,000 more home care works and 3,000 moor midwives and ensure that you can see a doctor in 48 hours. The Tories are only promising 5,000 more doctors and no pledge to see your doctor with any time frame.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle spoke along side Andy Burnham and other NHS activists in a Labour NHS Lobby event as well as in a Coast and Country Events about the cuts to services of the NHS and effects in rural areas.

Lloyd was clear that we needed not to just repeal the Health and Social Care Act but move towards writing off the stupidity of Private Fiancee Initiatives (which is like busying a house on the credit card) and towards a one provider with greater democratic control through local councils.

Additionally to these two headlines there were some exciting areas in policy particularly around education and child care and they are:

- Free Child Care for pre-school children of 25 hours per week
- Extended Schools with all schools offering 7am-8pm extra-curricular activities
- Re-linking the role of the local authority in planing need
- Stopping new free schools where there is no need.

The highlight of the conference was some exciting pledges by Ed Miliband along with the 6 key pledges (see below) there were also commitments on Votes at 16, better devolution to county and city regions, support for a Palestinian state as part of a two state solution, putting Climate Change at the heart of energy policy, appointing a global LGBT envoy, introducing higher taxes for the profits of cigarette companies, on houses worth over 2 million, 5 million and 10 million and a clear strategy for not just 5 but 10 years to rebuild Britain with a strong focus on staying in the EU and improving it.

ByNU7GBIMAAys3a.jpgThe key 6 pledges by 2025 we will:
1) Half the number of people on low pay;
2) Linking wages with the growth of the economy and/or medium earnings which ever is higher;
3) As many young people to complete proper apprenticeships as go to university (thats from under 10% to over 40 %), with apprenticeships being valued as highly as a Bachelors degree. No company will get a government contract unless they take on signifiant apprenticeships and no employer can employ a foreign (non EU) worker without taking on at least the same number of apprenticeships – skilling up young people of Britain for our future;
4) Build at least 200,000 new house per year or as many as we need, until need is meet;
5) Rebuilding our NHS – brining it back into public hands, focusing on prevention, mental health and ensuring older people get the support they need;
6) Establish a proper industrial policy which means that we lead on all things green and high technology, creating one million technology jobs.


There were other exciting outcomes of the conference which people will be able to read in other blogs and forums. Whilst we would always like the party to be more strident on fighting neo-liberalism a clear commitment of a future Labour government to bring railways in to public ownership is not off the cards with many Parliamentary Candidates still pushing for this policy which not only makes sense but saves us money.

Useful training from our colleagues in Hastings was attended to ensure that we get the most out of members and activities. It was made clear that we must move away from meetings, that new members should not be encouraged to come to meetings or offices but get active, knock on doors and come to events – only through activity in the streets, in the work place and social activities will we win.

Lloyd left conference signing pledges from the Cooperative party for a Peoples Railway, the NUT for comprehensive and public education, from CAMRA for real local Ale and from the campaign group for Free School Meals for all kids.

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Lewes Labour Party votes to support cycling

Lewes Branch Labour Party this week voted to support ways to ensure that Lewes town is more accessible for cyclists. In the motion which followed the monthly open meeting (which are held on the first Monday of each month) members have decided to call upon the local council and other decision makers to improve cycling for local people.

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Conservatives unclear on Jobs: Rampion Windfarm

s300_off_shore_wind_farm_resized.jpgLewes Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, this week wrote to the Sussex Express asking for clarity on the local Tory party calls against 750 new jobs coming to the area. 
He called for the Tory party to come clean on its objections to the offshore wind farm scheme and declared that the Labour party local candidates supported both job and the increase in renewable energy in Sussex. 
The letter can be seen here: 

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Labour condemns Meals on Wheels price hike proposal

fca05799-7e73-0864-194e-63b68806167b.jpgLabour condemns Tory controlled ESCC’s Proposals to cut home delivered meals for older people.
Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Lewes, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, slammed potential further cuts which are targeting older people. “This is the second announcement in the same number of weeks that will disproportionately affect poorer and older people in our county” Lloyd said referring to the recent consultation to cut home delivered meals and bus routes.
These cuts are again another sign that we are not all in this together and that the cuts enforced by the Liberal-Tory Government is affecting the most vulnerable .

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