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Welcome to the Lewes Labour Party

This is the site of the Lewes and Ouse Valley Labour Party. We are part of the Lewes Constituency Labour Party:

Our Candidate for Parliament is Lloyd Russell-Moyle

lloydLloyd grew up in Lewes and after a short spell working in Bradford and then Brussels now lives here with his family. He currently has a contract writing reports for the United Nations and previously worked with youth workers and youth work development around the world. Lloyd says:

Having been raised in Lewes, I went to the local school and college and worked in the town. I then studied and worked at University of Bradford followed by a short spell in Brussels.

I have had a background in co-operative businesses as a director of one of the UK’s oldest Fair Trade cafés, Company Secretary for a housing co-operative and founder of a bulk-buying food co-operative. I’ve worked for East Sussex County Council’s Youth Service and ran a Lewes childrens’ group, the Woodcraft Folk.

After becoming Vice-President of the European Youth Forum, (the campaigning arm of youth organisations including sports clubs, the Guides and the YMCA), I moved back to Lewes and got active locally again.

You can contact Lloyd by telephone: 01273 25 2929, skype & twitter: lloyd_rm or email:
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Newhaven Denton and Meeching Ward Candidates announced

The Labour Party has announced the new candidate for Newhaven Dention and Meeching Ward who will be standing in the District election on the 7th May 2015.

Introducing Doug and Jan, Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour’s candidate for Parliament in Newhaven) said “I’ve been working with Jan and Doug for the last couple of years and they will be great councillors who will put Newhaven first. They will be a new face to the tired old administration and I welcome supporting them in their election on the 7th May.

Newhaven Denton and Meeching Ward Candidates

jan_doug.jpgDoug Johnson (left): I have lived locally since 1973 and have taught I.T. in a number of schools in Brighton and East & West Sussex, including 12 years at Seaford Head. Recently, I was instrumental in setting up and promoting an e-petition to protest against ESCC’s attempts to sell off the former Grays School site in Western Road.

Jan Woodling (right): I have lived in East Sussex for over 40 years. I have been a teacher in a primary school, in a further education college and in HM Prison, Lewes. I have also worked as a development officer for the Basic Skills Agency, seconded to the Prison Service and later the Probation Service, to advise and develop policy and strategy in education.

As life-long labour supporters, we are both committed to creating a fair society that looks after the interests of all local people, including those with some of the greatest needs.

For real housing provision, real business and job support, real plans and solutions for Newhaven

Doug and Jan need your support to:

  • Make sure the poorest do not suffer most from cuts to council funding
  • Enable the voices of local people to be heard and acted upon
  • Ensure the proposed, excessive housing development planned for Newhaven is based on the needs of local people rather than making profits for property developers
  • Ensure any development includes the provision of affordable, social housing and appropriate infrastructure in terms of school places, health care, transport, etc.
  • Continue the fight to return the beach to the local community
  • Encourage the growth of businesses and jobs in Newhaven and turn it into a ‘living wage’ town
  • Start making progress on resolving the daily log-jam on our roads, the flooding on the east bank, the over-charging from having two water companies and the multitude of problems caused by the incinerator

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Labour talks prison system


Lewes Labour Party has taken politics to the people with a series of public meetings on key topics of the day.  So far we have had public meetings on the following: North Street Development (August 2013); Transport – rail, bus, bike and 20-mile limit, (September 2013); NHS (October 2103), Lewes as a Living Wage town (November 2013); and Violence Against Women (December 2013). The meetings usually take place on the first Monday of the month, 7.30-9pm, at Lewes Labour rooms, North Street, Lewes, and have been well attended and lively with a mix of speakers and discussion. 
Our 6th Public meeting took place on 2 March this year on the topic of Prisons and the criminal justice system.
A representative from the Prison Officers Association (POA) who cannot be named for fear of reprisal was mainly concerned about the low level of staffing which meant that prisoners, many of who suffer from mental illness, could not be guaranteed safety, neither could they work or get proper training and rehabilitation. The level of prison suicides had risen dramatically and staff no longer felt sufficiently trained or in sufficient numbers to cope with the situation.  Lewes as a local prison was certainly not the worst case, but nevertheless was under acute strain. This state of affairs he attributed to the cost-cutting austerity measures of the current government, which is only likely to get worse if the Conservatives retain power.
This was followed by a short talk by Sara Hyde who has worked in the criminal justice system and is currently working with women leaving prison.  She gave several examples of what happens to women who leave prison and who often suffer from mental or drug-related problems, and the difficulties of finding them proper accommodation and support. Many of these women, Sara said, shouldn’t have been given custodial sentences in the first place as they did  not constitute a public threat. Reductions in legal aid and the privatisation of the probation service had only made matters worse.
Sara who is hoping to stand as a future Labour parliamentary candidate expressed the hope that Labour, when in power, will reverse the privatisation and race-to-the-bottom of conditions both for staff and prisoners, and also reverse the changes made to legal aid and the probation service
People who have been to these meetings say that the speakers have been interesting and informative and that they now feel better informed about what they should be demanding from their councils and politicians, local and nationally. Details of meetings have been advertised through the Lewes Labour Party website and in the windows of the Labour Party Office, 3 North Street.
Gaby Weiner, convenor

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Police cuts condemned

Lloyd Russell-Moyle the Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes has condemned the cuts which are being imposed on Sussex Police through cuts by this government.


Lewes which is the home town of the Sussex Police Headquarters will be particularly badly hit and Lewes Labour party is liaising with Unions to ensure a co-ordinated response.

Mr Russell-Moyle went on to say “rather than cutting frontline services and support staff we should scrap the useless and costly Police Crime Commissioners, be looking at integrating management and admin from all blue light services across sussex and ensuring that community policing is preserved” 

UNIOSN stated: “The UNISON Sussex Police and Justice Branch together with our colleagues in the Police Federation now consider that we have reached a tipping point and that Policing in Sussex will become increasingly withdrawn to small urban areas leaving vast districts of the county without a Police presence. The Federation believes that these cuts will have consequences and we fully endorse that statement.”

Responding to the news from Sussex Police Force, Shadow Policing Minister, Jack Dromey MP, said:
“The news that Sussex Police is to cut a fifth of its serving officers serves as yet another reminder of the catastrophic consequences of the cuts that this Government has imposed on our Police Service.

“Time and again we have offered the Government solutions with smarter savings that would protect over 1,000 frontline officers but instead they insist on an approach that risks the safety and security of our citizens.”

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TO contact Lloyd Russell-Moyle for further comment email or phone 01273 25 2929

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Statement on North Street Development

Statement by Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour’s Candidate for Parliament in Lewes) on North Street Development

northstreet.jpgLewes Labour Party and myself have been asked by many people about our position on the developments in the North Street Quarter/Phoenix Development. Over the last year the local branch has taken a pro-active approach to engage on this issue, inviting speakers a number of times to talk to members on this issue and with many of our members in a personal capacity leading on the Phoenix Rising proposals.

It should noted that Lewes Labour Party has over a couple of years expressed concerns that any development in Lewes and district must prioritise social housing, shared ownership and cooperative solutions.

I believe that Lewes is in desperate need of housing that is suitable for local people so they are able to live and work in the town. Housing should not be built at the detriment of business and work in the town, but we can not let Lewes become a nice chocolatebox town where our children and family cannot afford to live and work.

I have continued to put pressure on the South Downs National Park and Lewes District Council to ensure that 40% of the commercial development land is high quality social housing, that there are places to work and live and that housing is appropriate to the needs of the local population we congratulate the Phoenix Rising group in pushing this agenda. I also believe that a higher percentage of alternative ownership models including cooperative ownership and shared ownership need to be prioritised for the 1/3 of land owned by the people of Lewes on their behalf by Lewes District Council.

I believe that any development will require cooperation from the owners of the land (of which Santon and District Council are the largest owners), the current tenants and also the local residents of the town. We congratulate Santon for engaging with the public in a wide range of public discussions throughout 2013 and early 2014 but reaffirm that any solution must take account of all local residents’ views and those expressed by Phoenix Rising and other pressure groups.

Lewes Labour Party believes that any outcome needs to balance both value for money in terms of the cash value of the land and the social use of the land in terms of housing that meets the needs of local people and local businesses. In this regard we have pushed for best value in other developments in Lewes.

Coming from a housing co-operative background, I support the idea of asset locks for both the land and social housing so they are not sold off and in this regard support the development of alternative ownership proposals to ensure that this is achieved.

Good quality social housing which is in the hands of the public is a vital part of developments in Lewes, that these developments should be mixed with other forms of home ownership and that private ownership should be the minority of any development.

I also note that any developments on the North Street Quarter must both protect the Pells, support the redevelopment of the Pells park (which requires some urgent investment) and ensure that no adverse flooding risk is put on Malling, in this regard all solutions should be explored to ensure flooding prevention is prioritised at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.

Lewes Labour Party candidates for the District Council will be standing on a platform of supporting social housing, best value of money for Lewes and a town which values places to work. We will continue to support all and any proposals which fulfil this vision.

If you wish to contact Lewes and Ouse Vally Labour Party Branch on any of these matters you may email

Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Candidate for Parliament in Lewes

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Council candidates in Lewes

Lewes Labour has announced the candidates who will stand for the District Council elections in May, they are:

Lewes Castle Ward candidates
Philippa Thompson & Linda Drabble
Lewes Priory Ward Candidates 
Louis Blair, Pam Lewis & Gaby Weiner
Lewes Bridge Ward Candidates 
Gill Short & Denzil Jones

They can be seen here:

Between them they have years of community activity in Lewes, from helping with food banks to supporting bonfire societies.They have professional experience which ranges from Council Housing to Education. They welcome any comments from people in Lewes at and will really challenge the current administration which has failed Lewes time and time again.

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Freeze Bus Fares

Labour Party candidate, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, calls for freeze on bus fares.

Mr Russell-Moyle, Labour’s candidate to be MP in the Lewes Constituency, has written to local bus providers asking them to consider freezing bus fares for 2015/2016 and requested a meeting with all interested parties to ensure that bus services are maintained.

Mr Russell-Moyle said: “with falling petrol costs due to remain throughout 2015/2016 I’m requesting that the bus companies make a commitment to support the travelling public and pass on the savings by freezing or reducing bus fares in the coming year”

East Sussex County Council voted for reduction to the travel subsidy in December last year and allowed bus companies that run routes commercially to set their own bus fares. Routes supported by the council are allowed to seek a fare increase of up to 30% with officers deciding the increase on each case.

Mr Russell-Moyle stated: “with wages still not increasing at anywhere near the rate of increase in public transport it would seem fair that the bus companies across Sussex make a commitment to both freeze prices and also meet to discuss plans on how to increase numbers of services reaching out to the rural areas of our county”

Labour has pledged to give councils greater powers to set fares, regulate buses and award routes to either non-profit or publicly owned providers if they wish.



Lloyd Russell-Moyle is the Labour Party’s Candidate for Lewes Constituency, where he grew up and lives with his family. He can be contacted on 01273 25 2929 or He has been working with the non-party coalition “Lewes Stop the Cuts” to fight the bus cuts in East Sussex.

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Norman Baker MP accused of accepting cash from homophobic Stagecoach buses boss against the interests of the travelling public

Section 28 protestors stop a Stagecoach BusResearch by a national website, Guido Fawkes, and Labour’s candidate to be MP in Lewes, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, has revealed that Norman Baker, the current MP for Lewes and former LibDem Transport Minister accepted a donation from Brian Souter, chairman of Stagecoach buses and prominent anti-gay campaigner. The donation has been condemned by Stonewall a Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual equality charity and Mr Russell-Moyle.

The donation of £3,500 was registered by Mr Baker in the register of members’ interests in Parliament at the end of 2014. In 2000 Mr Souter ran a campaign in Scotland to prevent the repeal of Section 28, which prevented the instruction or “promotion of homosexuality” as an equal relationship. This homophobic law was introduced by the Tories and repealed by Labour in Scotland in 2000 and in England and Wales in 2003.

Mr Russell-Moyle said “it’s unbelievable that our MP would accept a donation from a person who fought so hard to prevent the fair treatment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people across the country. Section 28 put fear in to the minds of teachers, and council workers, preventing them supporting LGBT people for decades and contributing to homophobic hate in our schools and workplaces.”

The gay rights group Stonewall told Guido Fawkes in a statement “Despite accepting this donation from a notorious opponent of equality, I’m sure Norman Baker and his team will be seeking to avoid the same fate as the unsuccessful campaigns [Mr] Souter has funded against equality for gay people in Scotland.”

Mr Souter is also the founder and chairman of one of the UKs largest private transport companies and is the reason Mr Baker gives for the donation stating to Guido Fawkes: “The donation is not about gay rights. He thought I was a good Transport minister and he wants me back in parliament.”

Commenting on Mr Baker’s connection with big bus companies, Mr Russell-Moyle stated “whilst we have been fighting to save buses in East Sussex Mr Baker is accepting cash from big bus companies to protect them and not the travelling public. Mr Baker claims he protected buses whilst Transport Minister, but this donation would suggest all he protected was the profits of the companies that take 14 pence of every pound out of public transport and into private pockets. Labour has promised to allow councils to take control over bus lines and run them not-for profit.”

Stagecoach made over £140 million in profits last year and on average over £3million from its routes in each of its areas. Stagecoach runs the former Eastbourne Buses and Hastings and District Buses and receives a subsidy from East Sussex County Council. East Sussex County Council has cut its £1.8 million subsidy without protecting all services across the county, despite East Sussex Labour’s motion to stop the bus cuts passing the full council late last year.

Members of Lewes Labour Party have suggested that Mr Baker should return the money or donate it to the Lewes Stop the Cuts Campaign in support of protecting bus services in East Sussex.


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