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Welcome to the Lewes Labour Party

This is the site of the Lewes and Ouse Valley Labour Party. We are part of the Lewes Constituency Labour Party:

Our Candidate for Parliament is Lloyd Russell-Moyle

lloydLloyd grew up in Lewes and after a short spell working in Bradford and then Brussels now lives here with his family. He currently has a contract writing reports for the United Nations and previously worked with youth workers and youth work development around the world. Lloyd says:

Having been raised in Lewes, I went to the local school and college and worked in the town. I then studied and worked at University of Bradford followed by a short spell in Brussels.

I have had a background in co-operative businesses as a director of one of the UK’s oldest Fair Trade cafés, Company Secretary for a housing co-operative and founder of a bulk-buying food co-operative. I’ve worked for East Sussex County Council’s Youth Service and ran a Lewes childrens’ group, the Woodcraft Folk.

After becoming Vice-President of the European Youth Forum, (the campaigning arm of youth organisations including sports clubs, the Guides and the YMCA), I moved back to Lewes and got active locally again.

You can contact Lloyd by telephone: 01273 25 2929, skype & twitter: lloyd_rm or email:
Read more about me here

Seaford’s first Labour councillor

Penny Lower Seaford’s Labour councillor elected this May endorses Labour’s two candidates at the Seaford East Elections. 

IMG_454769406.jpgPenny Lower said: 

I am delighted to have been elected to Seaford Town Council as a Labour representative. I look forward to contributing to discussions and decisions on the issues that will keep Seaford a wonderful place to live and work. I would love Helen and Elaine to join me, strengthening the Labour voice and adding a great range of skills and experience. Please vote Labour!


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Meet our Candidates for Seaford East

A new voice for Seaford, with values that work for you

At this election you have four votes to represent our ward Seaford East. At the last election Seaford voted for its first Labour councillor in Seaford – Penny Lower. Seaford Labour party is putting up two local candidate for East Ward because we believe that the local council works better when parties work together. We are asking you to give us two of your votes.

11157468_1614361868808062_3625207417665173278_o_(1).jpgHelen Renson

I and my family have lived in Seaford for 11 years. I am a Librarian and worked at what was Seaford Head Community College until August 2011 when I moved to the Jubilee Library in Brighton. I am an avid supporter of libraries and am really pleased with the new Seaford Library. I am a member of the Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club where I was briefly Treasurer. I have two children who are now away at University but who lived in Seaford as young adults so I am aware of the lack of resources for this age group. I have always had a great interest in the sea and coastline. Seaford and the Town Council would give me a great opportunity to put that interest into practice for the good of the town. Contact:

IMG_454764570.jpgElaine Sammarco

I moved to Seaford from South London last year, and having worked and been involved in the voluntary and community sector for many years I am keen to be actively involved in my new community. I really appreciate our seafront and wonderful surrounding countryside and am mindful of the local challenge of preserving all this and at the same time ensuring that Seaford is attractive to local employers and businesses. I am currently working for a national advice agency and have a good understanding of how policies can impact on local communities and individuals. Over the last 15 years I have taken on roles including being a Trustee of a centre for voluntary service. Prior to relocating I chaired the local healthwatch and sat on the Health and Wellbeing committee of my local Council. Contact:

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Seaford East our Pledges


Votes Elaine Sammarco and Helen Renson on 25th June for Seaford East

Vote Labour for a cooperative council Elaine and Helen are asking for just two of your votes so they can join Penny and help make sure that Seaford Town Council works for us – the residents of Seaford. You know what motivates us as Labour Party candidates – we care that services are going to be there for all. We think it’s important that there are different voices heard on the Town Council and we will be able to work with our Labour colleagues on the County Council to make sure that the concerns of local people get raised there too. The inclusion of more Labour Councillors would give breadth and depth to the range of views on local issues and forward planning. We need to get away from a ‘them and us’ perspective and all work. Together that’s why a Labour vote on 25th June 2015 will be a vote for you and our community.

Last year Seaford Labour Party held an event “celebrating Seaford” because we believe that Seaford has many things going for it, but more work is needed to support what Seaford has to offer.

If elected we will:

• Meet the needs of young people and families, by supporting local youth clubs, local services and facilities.

• Campaign for improved healthcare including a local walk-in and urgent case care clinic. Call for local mental health services for children and adolescents.

• Work with Newhaven council to protect Tidemills and improve transport.

• Ensure the neighbourhood plan includes housing that is truly affordable.

• Make sure that the services and public areas of the council are accessible, reflecting the needs of the people who live here.

•Work to ensure planning decisions reflect what is best for the town, in particular making sure that the Newlands site does not go to waste.

• Communicate with residents to make sure that people understand how the council works.

• Celebrate local businesses which employ people and pay the living wage and push for the council to pay a living wage for everyone.

• Speak up for Seaford so that we encourage visitors to come and stay in our town, supporting jobs and the local economy.


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Thanks and where to go next

I wanted to thank the voters of Lewes that voted for Labour last week. Voters in Lewes came to Labour in similar numbers as in 1997 when were able to get a landslide Labour government, unfortunately voters in the rest of the county didn’t. 

There is a myth circulating that Labour and Green voters let in the Conservatives by not voting tactically for the LibDems in this election. Even if every increase in Labour votes (around 2,500) and every increase in Green votes (around 1,500) was a tactical Liberal voter returning to vote for what they believed in, it does not add up to the 8,000 votes the Libdems lost between the 2010 and 2015. It was traditional Liberal voters who sacked Norman because of his betrayal of supporting the Tories. 
We have seen in recent days small acts of defiance against the Tories: from Matt Woodruff’s garden centre sign which went viral to legal cases being prepared against sell off of social housing. The government has  reduced its majority from 73, when Norman propped them up, to now just over 10. Anyone who remembers the Major government will know that this will mean that we, the people, will be more able to hold the government to account and in Lewes we must start by making sure that the new Tory MP works for us and not her bank rollers. 
If you want to help build a stronger left, an alternative to the Tories, a party that will stand up for working people. If you want to help ensure that never again do we get a LibDem that betrays us or a Tory that sells our country off then join the Labour Party and help build the fight back and select our new leader. You can join online at
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Lewes and Seahaven Labour Party candidate for 2015 general election 

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LGBT Labour

Last week the Labour Party launched the manifesto for LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans*) people in Brighton. Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s candidate for parliament in Lewes, who is sponsored by LGBT Labour attended the event. 

lgbt.jpgLloyd said “It was great to launch the manifesto with so many candidates including my fellow Sussex LGBT Labour sponsored candidate Peter Kyle and our partner constituency candidate Nancy Platts”

The event was launched by the first Lesbian MP and Shadow Cabinet member Angela Eagle in the Komedia, Brighton and includes pledges to introduce a global LGBT envoy, further protect workers. Make the pention arrangments for LGBT people equal to thoese in hetrosexual marradges and much much more. 

The full manifesto can be seen here:

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Save our NHS

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s candidate for Parliament in Lewes, joined 38 Degrees activist in a day of action to save our NHS and ensure that we use our votes to keep it in public hands. 

lloydlove_NHS.jpgLloyd said

Labour is the only party putting a public NHS at the heart of our country. We have recognised that private involvement has gone too far and will roll it back completely. I will campaign for the write off of all PFI contracts, which at the time brought needed money into the NHS but now cost the NHS too much. I have been dismayed at the Lib Dems support of the privatisation, with Norman Baker describing it as a positive thing, but also the Greens in Brighton have split up Substance Misuse Services and Mental Health services into private services and have tried to privatise Sexual Health Services. This is why I’ve also met with NHS workers during my campaign and I am aware of the many challenges they face in providing services locally and I have been supporting both UNISON and the Royal College of Nurses campaigns on the NHS.

Labour has made a range of promises in relation to the NHS. A Labour government will:

  • Repeal the Health and Social Care Act and restore the right values to the heart of the NHS – collaboration and integration, not competition and fragmentation

  • Ensure that the NHS is exempt from trade agreements such as TTIP

  • Invest an extra £2.5bn a year in staff and services, hiring 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs, 5,000 more home-care workers and 3,000 more midwives

  • Guarantee a GP appointment within 48 hours and cancer test results within one week

  • Bring together physical health, mental health and social care into a single service to meet all of a person’s care needs – whole person care, built around patients, not bureaucrats.

  • Place a greater emphasis on early intervention so that people don’t have to reach crisis point to get the help they need

  • Make the NHS legally the preferred provider to ensure that we only use private companies when the treatment is specialised and cannot be done anywhere in the NHS.

This is an ambitious agenda for our NHS but one that is both achievable and necessary. However, we can only achieve the type of NHS that you and I want if it remains in public hands. That’s why I’ll vote to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and do everything within my power to ensure that our NHS continues to be there for everyone who needs help.


I’m determined to secure a bright future for both our national and local health services if elected in May.

What is clear is that both the Liberal Democrats and the Tories are happy for our NHS and other key public services to be sold off; this is why its vital that we achieve a Labour government in 2015.

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Don’t Let Them Drown


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s candidate for Parliament in Lewes joined Purna Sen (candidate in Pavilion) and Nancy Platts (candidate in Kemptown and Peacehaven) on the beach in Brighton to call on European governments to take action in the Mediterranean and stop the drowning of people fleeing to Europe. 

The protest which was organised my Amnesty UK consisted of people lying in body bags to show the numbers of people loosing their lives each day trying to escape to freedom. 

Brighton beach was covered in 200 body bags as Amnesty International volunteers raised awareness of the plight of thousands of migrants ahead of emergency EU talks tomorrow.

Local Amnesty members and volunteers zipped themselves into some of the body bags at around 10am, alongside a banner saying #DontLetThemDrown.

Campaigners hope the protest, organised ahead of an EU meeting on the mounting death toll in the Mediterranean seas, will highlight the UK’s “shameful” response to the crisis.

The Labour Party has been clear that it will put pressure of the EU to put additional rescue mission on, whilst using our own forces to save people from drowning. 

Lloyd Russell-Moyle said “we need to stop people drowning but also tackle the problems that people are fleeing, this means we need development, international collaboration to bring peace and not imperialist invasions which end up causing more damage that they solve.”

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