Lewes Labour Party votes to support cycling


Lewes Branch Labour Party this week voted to support ways to ensure that Lewes town is more accessible for cyclists. In the motion which followed the monthly open meeting (which are held on the first Monday of each month) members have decided to call upon the local council and other decision makers to improve cycling for local people.

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Conservatives unclear on Jobs: Rampion Windfarm


s300_off_shore_wind_farm_resized.jpgLewes Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, this week wrote to the Sussex Express asking for clarity on the local Tory party calls against 750 new jobs coming to the area. 
He called for the Tory party to come clean on its objections to the offshore wind farm scheme and declared that the Labour party local candidates supported both job and the increase in renewable energy in Sussex. 
The letter can be seen here: 

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Labour condemns Meals on Wheels price hike proposal


fca05799-7e73-0864-194e-63b68806167b.jpgLabour condemns Tory controlled ESCC’s Proposals to cut home delivered meals for older people.
Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Lewes, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, slammed potential further cuts which are targeting older people. “This is the second announcement in the same number of weeks that will disproportionately affect poorer and older people in our county” Lloyd said referring to the recent consultation to cut home delivered meals and bus routes.
These cuts are again another sign that we are not all in this together and that the cuts enforced by the Liberal-Tory Government is affecting the most vulnerable .

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Lewes Labour Joins campaign to save buses


buses.pngLewes Branch Labour Party today (24th June) passed a motion condemning the plan to cut buses around East Sussex. Passing the motion members declared Lewes Labour “opposes the proposed fare rises and cuts to services of Lewes and East Sussex buses due to start April 2015 on the grounds that this double blow (rise in fares and cuts to service) will disproportionately affect the poorest and most vulnerable, especially in outlying rural areas.”

Lewes Labour was alerted to the cuts by Chris Smith of http://www.travelloglewes.co.uk who follows transport issuses in the District. In joining others from around the District, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate supported the Lewes Stop the Cuts Campaign saying, “Its vital that everyone makes the voice loud and clear and our buses are not for cutting”.



People can join the Lewes Stop the Cuts campaign by joining the mailing lists and other activities of the group which contains people from across the community.

Residents can see what buses are at risk (including some routs only being run twice a week) at the website: http://lewesstopthecuts.wordpress.com/

The Stop the Cuts Campaign informs us that residents can requesting paper copies of the consultation at their local library or by calling 0345 60 80 194.

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Meet the Candidate for Parliament

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We put a number of questions to our Labour Parliamentary candidate, Lloyd Russell-Moyle. Here are our questions and Lloyd’s answers.
Q: What do you consider to be the most important issues for the people of Seahaven and Lewes?
A: Services, and accessibility of those services, and jobs are key issues in all areas, particularly in rural and semi-rural areas. The failure of the Tory/LibDem government to take action on unemployment, especially for the young, has left a generation jilted and relying on their parents. Unemployment for the young, low-skilled and long-term unemployed in the UK is very high compared to other economies of central and northern Europe, and the Coalition’s job creation has been for dead-end and minimum-wage jobs.
Development across the district is key. The cost of housing has sky-rocketed and this has meant that people have been left not being able to afford decent housing. In the rural part of the district there are very few one or two-bedroom social units but the government introduced a “bedroom tax” for those that live in larger public housing. The need to build more homes is clear, but this needs to be done in a sensitive way and in a way that increases small, quality, public housing.

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Parliamentary Candidate addressed the UN



Earlier this week (2-3 June) Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes) addressed the United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) in New York. 

Lloyd Russell-Moyle gave a keynote speech to youth ministers, youth delegates, youth representatives from Member States, National Youth Councils and regional youth organisations and networks.

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Celebrating Seaford

A free event which celebrated the contribution individuals and groups make to the quality of life in Seaford was sponsored by Seaford Labour Party and hosted by the Seaford Labour Parliamentary Candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

The audience at Celebrating Seaford, held at Seaford Little Theatre, included invited organisations and members of the public.

The event was hosted by prospective parliamentary candidate for Labour in Lewes Lloyd Russell-Moyle. Around 40 guests, including Seaford Mayor Mark Brown, attended Celebrating Seaford on Friday May 2, including people who had made a significant contribution towards improving the town.

A poll was conducted in the audience to find who they thought had made the most significant impact on Seaford’s quality of life.

The runner up was food bank Seahaven Storehouse and the winner was The Seaford Responders, who attend ambulance calls and support paramedics.

Ways to improve the quality of life in the town further, suggested by the audience, included a timetable for improving health facilities and jobs for Seaford school leavers.

Feeling good about Seaford

Enormous, entirely justifiable Civic Pride was in evidence at “Celebrating Seaford” an open meeting at the Seaford Little Theatre on the evening of Friday 2nd May. Hosted by Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Seaford), the audience was about half invited organisations, the rest being members of the public. The Town Mayor, Councillor Mark Brown, was very warmly welcomed, and proved to be both an enthusiastic participant and a very supportive presence throughout.  The 40 or so guests were those who have made a significant contribution to the Quality of Life in Seaford, but they can only be a representative sample of the wealth of public spirit Seaford fortunately enjoys. Quality of Life depends upon everyone having enough Health, Wealth and Happiness; and the invitees fell neatly under those headings.


Concerning Seaford’s Community Health, former mayor Ralph Taylor represented ‘Improving Seaford Health’. Dr Mark Barnes (from the Clinical Commissioning Group which includes Seaford) was an attentive member of the audience. Karen Plantrose, a director of Horder Healthcare, outlined some of the facilities her not-for-profit charitable trust might soon bring to Seaford, although the specifics had to wait until Commissioning was complete. Karen also indicated that she and her team were keen to play their part in responding to public demand for even more medical facilities being brought to Seaford in the longer term. Jack Stonehouse spoke movingly about the entirely voluntary work of Seaford Responders, an input  which was roundly applauded.

Community Support also contributes to health. St James’ Trust provides companionship and much more for the elderly and disabled of Seaford’s residents; Roger Daw, from the now 80 years old Macreads, spoke passionately about the work of the youth centre; Ann Jacobs told of how Seahaven Storehouse presently supports nearly 70 Seaford families who find themselves in difficult circumstances.   Ann paid tribute in turn to the many, very public spirited people who make regular contributions to the Storehouse.


A group of business people have maintained an excellent High Street in Seaford despite other towns suffering badly from the recession. Greg Livermore from the Co-op talked about the stores complete make-over, and the Co-op’s commitment to charitable causes. Badger Inks was complimented for excellent Customer Service. Dairen McGee, co-proprietor of Sussex Eye Care, Toytown and Stitch explained that Toytown had been his attempt to stem the tide of high street decay in order to protect his life’s investment in his ophthalmic business.  Merchandising decisions at Toytown are literally in the hands of his children, their ‘thumbs-up’ meaning ‘Stock it, Dad!’

Those who educate and inform us are in turn, crucial to wealth creation.  Seaford’s University of the Third Age attracts a huge following. Tributes were paid to ‘Haven News’, the web based information exchange, and ‘Seahaven FM’, our local radio station.  Mike Barrett was there to hear appreciation of our excellent Museum. Sarah Speadie, deputy head of Seaford Head School, sketched out plans for the new 6th form she will lead, amusingly blaming a hitch to archaeology; thousands of newly discovered rare fossils are the culprits!


The largest group were those who volunteer to entertain Seaford through the Arts in its many forms. Seaford Musical Theatre told of its work with young folk; the Crypt Gallery enticed us with offers no one could refuse; and Jean McCapra from Seaford Music Society was so eloquent that she signed up two new members on the spot! Seaford Choral Society was praised not just for its beautiful music making, but for the money it has raised for many of the Charities present. On the Environment, Tree Warden Keith Blackburn brought the excellent news the scheme was back in business; praise was heaped upon both ‘Friends of Tide Mills’ represented by Jim Skinner, and upon the Community Gardens. The floral theme of Seaford Railway station, (due to celebrate its 150th birthday this year) was notably enjoyed by many.


Those attending could choose to take part in a Poll to find who they thought had made the most significant impact on Seaford’s Quality of Life. The Runner Up was announced first, and the Mayor was heard to exclaim “Very good! That’s one of my Charities!” It was Seahaven Storehouse; Ann Jacobs and colleagues were presented with a framed Certificate. But nobody from the winning organisation was to be found! The Seaford Responders had departed on their second “shout” during the meeting. The Town Mayor declared that the evening had been “a splendid Community Event”, and announced he would be pleased to present the Winners Certificate to Seaford Responders before the next Council Meeting, an offer host Lloyd Russell-Moyle was delighted to accept.


Sarah Speadie, Karen Plantrose, Roger Daw and Dairen McGee formed a Panel to respond the Quality of Life questions and comments about Seaford from the audience. Questions included better signposting, a timetable for improving health facilities, and employment opportunities for Seaford school-leavers. When the Host called for one last question, everyone was stunned by the simplicity yet enormity of the question asked by somebody from Seahaven Storehouse: “What is the biggest issue for Seaford today?” There came answers, but a debate could easily have followed requiring another full evening. If readers would also like to put their point of view, why not do so through the pages of this journal? Alternatively, write direct to Lloyd Russell-Moyle, 3 North Street, Lewes BN7 3PA. Lloyd promises an answer to everyone who writes to him.

This free event was sponsored entirely by Seaford Labour Party, which has recently adopted Lloyd Russell-Moyle as its Prospective Parliamentary Candidate